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What's New

Kindergarten Open House

Back to School Supplies 2016

summer 2016 web version

crosswalk rules 2016

New Bell Times-School Begins at 9:05 and ends at 3:25

Important Dates

School Office Re-opens on August 29th-Please use Kindergarten door by the park to enter the school.

School Resumes September


Class lists will be posted between 7:30 am and 9 am on the opening day of school.


Welcome to Princess Margaret Public School!


                                        The Panther Pledge

I am a proud Panther.  I try to be honest, kind and friendly and I am happy when others are honest, kind and friendly to me.

Because I am a Panther, I show respect to everyone who walks the halls of Princess Margaret.

Because I am a Panther, I show respect to my school and do my best to keep it looking good.

Because I am a Panther, I am a learner for life and do my best, even when the learning is difficult.

Because I am a Panther, I am friendly and caring to others, and I stand up for others when I see someone being treated in an unkind or unfair way.

Because I am a Panther, I know that everyone deserves to be safe and respected.  We all belong and we all deserve respect.

Because I am a Panther, I care for the environment and my community outside my school.

Panthers make a difference, and I am a proud Panther.