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What's New

Kindergarten Open House

crosswalk rules

milk order form

School Begins at 9:05 and ends at 3:25

Important Dates

Nov.21-24 Book Fair

Nov. 23-Pizza Day

Nov. 28-Gr. 3 Swim to Survive

Nov. 28-Grade 8 Evening at Stamford Collegiate for students and parents

Nov. 30-Celebration Assembly

Dec. 5- Gr.3 Swim to Survive

Dec. 8-Gr.8 Intention Sheets Due

Dec. 12-Gr.3 Swim to Survive

Dec. 20- Holiday Concert

Dec. 22-Last Day of Classes





Welcome to Princess Margaret Public School!


The Panther Pledge

I am a proud Panther.

I will make a difference in the world.

I will put my whole heart and mind into my learning.

I will contribute to my school and community in positive ways.

I matter.

I am a proud Panther.